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Things to Avoid while Doing Off-Page SEO

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In the era of Google Tricky Games, nowadays doing search engine optimization is certainly a difficult job for every optimizer. Keeping yourself up to date about the latest things that are taking place in the SEO industry may keep you ahead in the competition. Due to latest changes made by Google in their search algorithm, doing search engine optimization is certainly a difficult task for those users, who are not updating their knowledge or skills with fast-changing SEO world, who are not following Google guiding principles and who still considers watching video and reading online blogs is adequate to learn this technique.

Off-page SEO simply speaks to Google what others think about your website. This optimization technique may be daunting if you don’t know what instructions should be taken to rank your sites in the top ten pages of Google. But, if you can implement a fundamental understanding of off page optimization, undoubtedly you’ll be one step ahead of your competition. Don’t become annoying, Best SEO company Delhi has changed the way for you to become the master of beating all tricky games of Google. This complete guide is going to introduce a few important techniques of optimization that should be ignored while doing Off optimization.

Forum Marketing– It is Not Black Hat Technique

It is the fast way of answering questions on different forums. You are seeking those areas where you can promote your brand. This process is really time-consuming and fully avoidable.

Search Engine Submission– Not Useful Method

Submitting your websites to major search engines is not important because they index the websites immediately. So it should be avoided.

Article Directories– Not Necessary

Submitting the content into the article directories is the common way of content marketing. But most users do not like to read these websites. So, it is not necessary for the optimization process.

Website Directories– Not Beneficial

In the previous days, website directories were the best ways to start for any business. But nowadays they have no any importance. They are only the lists of the websites, which nobody likes to visit. Everyone has a common sense that why will you search for a website in a directory when Google can do it faster than a directory.

Social Bookmarking– Time Consuming Procedure

If you want to go viral, social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Digg, and Stumble Upon may be beneficial. But the chances of going viral are very less. They are updated fast when you post something, then it could disappear by the time when you come back to the next day.

Linking On Other Blogs– Not Beneficial for Long Period

Few websites are used to put the comments for blogs. These comments make any kind of conversation which seems abnormal. These sites can be added to the sites of the commenters. But when link building was enormous, it was an effective way of driving the traffic to your website. But now all things have changed and it’s no longer an effective way to drive the traffic. In addition, websites ban links to the external sites in the comments in any case.

Mass Social Media Production– Not Compulsory for Every User

It is better for every user that he or she should be on every social media channel but it is not beneficial for everyone like business people. All social media networks are not relevant to your business. You should be presented yourself on those networks which are relevant to you and your business. Hence, it is a very important suggestion for you that you need to choose only favorite social media networks so that you can focus on your audiences. Ultimately, it will give positive results in long-term.

All these optimization techniques are ineffective and outdated. If you want to improve your website’s rankings in the first page of search engines, you should choose the best SEO company Delhi, India where you can get the best services at very affordable prices. You will also get the latest techniques to improve everything that you don’t know till now.

Conclusion: – While doing Off-page SEO, you should avoid some important techniques immediately. You can get the best ideas from top selected SEO companies. Our Online SEO experts will guide you rightly in order to keep you away from unnecessary things.