How to start a web development company in India

How to Start a Web Development Company in India?

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It is not easy to build a successful business in India. Big businesses have all the required contacts, revenue, and strategies. But don’t feel disappointed or give up on your dreams. You may wonder which business to choose? What would you do to reach out to different people around the globe? How can you create the opportunity? Are there any means to do so? The answer to all these questions is yes. It is in the form of a website development company. The creation of a robust and informative website will convey your business ideas to help you to generate business. Then formulation of useful strategies and guidelines that can be implemented to get your business rolling is necessary. This way you can start a business by being a web development company in India.

Advantages of Starting a Website Development Company

There are several advantages of starting a web development company. Given below are more advantages of start a web development company.

No office space required:

To start with, no office space is required to start the business. Times have changed. People like to visit their clients at their offices or in a food outlet or restaurant. So don’t bother if you don’t have an office space. You can run your business from your home. There is another option that you can execute. That option is going online. Nowadays, it has become very common that online meetings are held in apps and software applications. These apps not only allow people to communicate with each other but also allow them to express views virtually. All your business requirements will be met provided you have all the adequate facilities needed to support your work style.

High-level coding is not required:

You may think that you need to know coding on CSS, HTML, or any other markup language to start the company. However, that is not true. Yes, it is always better if you know the coding language. It would help a lot to make a customised website based on the requirements of your clients. But having said that, that is not a mandatory requirement. You may think how can you circumvent this situation? The answer to this is by using platforms that allow using readymade themes and plug-ins. There are a lot of ready-made templates available that allow you to make an awesome website that the users may find attractive. Even if you want to learn new coding languages, many websites teach them for free.

Take web development activities as a part-time job:

If you’re studying or working full time, you can consider taking web development tasks as your part-time job. You will have to work hard to manage your full-time job with a web development job. This is because nobody would give money if the work is not satisfactory or up to the mark. This means that you have to burn the midnight oil and get the work done on time. Your health may or may not support your late-night work thoughts. You may fall sick. This may affect your full-time work, part-time work, and health.  So you must manage your health and work duties in a way that both are not affected. If your clients are located in different countries, you can carry out the meeting through online medium or apps.

Work at your own time and pace:

The best aspect about having your own web development company means, you can work at your own time. You will not have a boss running behind you, directing orders on what to do when. Isn’t that wonderful? However having said this, you will have to respect the time commitment. You will have to complete the work on time for your clients. If you don’t commit yourself thoroughly to the duty, your clients may slowly start leaving you. So along with the freedom comes responsibility. You can’t take things for granted. Thus, you need to be professional in your approach. You need to set a time when you are going to get up and be ready to work. You need to decide on the working time and accordingly, dedicate yourself.

Tips To Start a Web Development Company in India

There are certain procedures to set up a web company. Given below are some ideas you can work on to set up your own web development company.



You need to be professional when it comes to your work. You can’t focus highly on your personal life and ignore the work life. That is under the assumption that your own web development company. Unless you start making good profits from your business, it makes no sense to run a company. There should be a line dividing personal life and work life.

Secure a place with zero disturbance:

Secure a place with zero disturbance

Find a dedicated space in your house that allows you to work freely, without any disturbance. This work environment will allow you to formulate strategies to grow your business, without any form of interruption. Fix the number of business hours you are going to dedicate to your business, family, friends, and for your passion. Plan out how you can pace yourself for the entire day to get maximum productivity. Ensure that the place allows you to focus highly on your work. Keep all office accessories such as printer paper, folders, and other supplies ready, required for your work.

Invest little by little in your business:

Invest little by little in your business

Don’t invest everything you have in your pocket in the business at the beginning. That would be a hasty investment and may not be advisable. Make a plan of what all things are essential, initially, for the business. Then invest in the essential items one by one. Have a contingency plan. For example, invest in a web domain and create a website. Get the best laptop, tablet, mobile, editing software,  and wireless technologies that you can afford. You can go for the scanner, printer, camera, and external monitor if the budget permits. You can choose to invest in data back up on an external server or remote backup storage space. Be careful about your business bookkeeping tasks. It would be better if you could use accounting software so that you can keep a track of your expenditures.

Be particular about your money

Be particular about your money

Always send invoices on time as per the guidelines of the client. Make sure that you receive payment for the billable work. Clarify to your clients the kind of payments you would accept. These would be cheques, credit cards, online transactions, and other payment modes. Set penalty if payment is not done on time.


There are various aspects that you need to consider while venturing into the business of a web development company in India. You need to set aside some space for office work. You need to handle finance and be particular about the payment. Look for a mentor if possible who can guide you and help you to grow your business. A major advantage of starting a web development company is that your business can grow fast and witness revenue generation quickly.