Black Hat SEO Destroys Your Website Ranking

How Black Hat SEO Destroys Your Website Ranking?

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Having first number ranking on the first page of search engines is the dream of each website owner in 2019. A number one ranking drives targeted clients and more sales. Black hat SEO will get you not anywhere fast. White hat search engine optimization is an excellent way to get your website to the top of the search engine results. White hat techniques will do better than black hat over time. Make sure you obtain a higher ranking without using shady techniques is very important. The best strategy is an organic long-term concentrate on centered user experience. Professional SEO services may be better options than Black Hat SEO. So now let’s discuss black hat SEO.

What Are Black Hat SEO practices?

Black hat SEO strategies are illusory SEO techniques. Websites owners use these latest strategies to attempt to trick search engine algorithms. The search engine wants sites to offer human readers with up-to-date and precise information. Google, a leading search engine wants its consequences to remain a precious reference for users.

How Black Hat SEO Destroys Your Website Ranking? You should ignore them.

Keyword Stuffing-

Search engines check the keywords rightly that are used on the sites to find if a website is a good match for a Good search. More is not better. Often users get the idea they can add a lot of keywords to assist their website. So if you visit a website with so many same keywords, the website is using keyword stuffing. Thus, users don’t use similar keywords many times in one paragraph.

Hidden Text & Links-

Keyword stuffing should ignore. Sometimes, website owners get the idea to keep their websites readable by humans but want to add extra keywords or links anyhow. Normally, these additional keywords don’t make real sense on the websites, therefore website owners actually hide them from the readers.

Websites can hide keywords and links just by making the text a similar color as the background. Nobody reading the website can observe the hidden text and links. The search engine spiders can observe them and count these as the part of the website.

Low-Quality Content and Irrelevant Keywords

Using low-quality content and irrelevant keywords are not the best for website owners. Hence, almost all website owners should not use low-quality content irrelevant keywords.

Duplicate Content-

Not only search engines will catch coping plagiarism, but also they will catch the copies and de-index the pages. There is no benefit to a search engine to list several websites with similar content. Concentrate on content marketing and restrict to relative precious content.


See finding out the perfect search results on Google. When you click on the link, you audit a website which is nothing at all like reliable website. This is correctly what occurs when a search engine lists a cloaked website by the misfortune. People find out themselves in unforeseen locations on the web. One page moves to the search engine, on another hand the other page moves to the users of the website.

Comment Spamming

Videos, blogs, and more leave content opening to the comments from the general public all across the web. Comments have positive and engaging content, therefore search engines should check them. Website owners should remain proactive with observing and protecting comment locations. If not, commenting sections will fill up with the advertisements for numerous unrelated products. Some comments from spammers do not make complete sense. If you have an unnatural amount of spammy links from the comments, your website may penalize. If you want to know more about Black hat SEO services, Professional SEO services experts will guide you which practice is better.

Conclusion- All these black hat SEO tricks can ruin your website. It will be worse when a penalty hits such as Google Panda or Google penguin. If the penalty will hit on your site, nobody will be able to find your ruined website. So, it is strongly recommended that you should ignore all these black hat tricks.