Bad Meta Tags

What are the Bad Meta Tags and Why Avoid Them?

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We have formerly debated the good meta tags and their use. Hence, if there are good meta tags, clearly there are bad meta tags as well. Nothing bad will occur to your website if you use such types of bad meta tags. The bad meta tags are just unwanted spaces, even Google says so. Top SEO companies in India will tell about bad meta tags. Here are some of the bad meta tags that you should ignore using.

Top Ten Bad Meta Tags That You Should Ignore

1. Author/web author- It Doesn’t Keep Importance On Page.

This tag is rightly used to name the author of the page. It is not compulsory on the page.

2. Revisit After

This meta tag provides the instructions to the reboots to come back to a page after a particular period of time. Not any major search engines follow it, therefore you might skip this tag.

3. Expiration/date

Expiration is used to take note when the page expires, and “date” is the date the page created. You may easily remove the pages which are going to expire. And for “date”, create an XML sitemap and keep it up to date.

4. Copyright

The copyright tag is not certainly important. A sign in the footer of your website says, “copyright 20xx” in some form. Therefore, you do not have to say about it double times.

5. Abstract

Abstract tag uses primarily by the educational quests. They need to put an abstract of the content.

6. Distribution

The “distribution” value uses to regulate and access the document, normally establish to worldwide. Worldwide means that the page opens to all.

7. Generator-This Information is Not Relevant

It can use to note what program made the page. This info is not that relevant.

8. Cache Control

This tag is set with the aim of controlling when and how a page hides in the browser. The best thing is to do it in HTTP Header.

9. Resource Type

It uses to name the kind of the resource the page is like “document”. You can skip it out as the DTD affirmation does it for you.

10. Rating

This tag uses to signify the maturity rating of the content. You can skip it devoid of thought.

These meta tags are not necessary and important at all, although there is no harm if you use them. To know the proper use of these meta tags, you can take the assistance of top SEO companies in India.

Conclusion- Bad meta tags are not important for any website. They are not so harmful. But they should not be used. They can affect Your SEO rankings.