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Here is the list of Outsource SEO Services that are being proffered by us. Just, have a glimpse of those statements:


Keyword Research

In the very beginning of outsourcing SEO, our main focus is on the Keyword as it is playing a vital role in online business growth. That’s why; we deeply research on the Keyword and analyse highly competitive keywords or search phrases that let’s more visitors to visit your website. As keyword analysis is the main phase and foundation of search engine optimization campaigns for your business. Through our organic SEO Outsourcing Services in India, clients get much success in their business and earn more money at the comfort of their home.


Competitor Analysis

In Search Engine Optimization Campaign competitor analysis plays a crucial role, we are experts in this niche as we profoundly analyze the competitor’s site using SWOT analysis. Once analyze the competitor deeply, it will be easy for us to get top rank in search results. In our SEO outsourcing services, we give more important information for each phase. Because we never let down our client’s opportunities in search results always aim to offer satisfying result in the search field.


On Page Optimization

Once the website is been created by our developer team, then next phase you should do is to optimize each page regularly to rank and stability of your site. However, your website will be optimized according to keyword research. After outsourcing SEO to us, we will take care of your website in a better way. It is very necessary to optimize the Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Tag and etc. of your content. On page is most important aspect for SEO, we are outsourcing SEO expert who have done various on pages for websites which are yet ranking in no.1.


Off Page Optimization

Other than on-page, link building is a way to make your website as a reputed business. We are expert as well as experienced in website link building. Being the trusted Outsourcing SEO Company in India, we are known for our exceptional link building works. We clearly know that website authority makes your business brand outreach.


Examine Website

As a reputed Outsource SEO Noida based service provider, we audit your website both manually and automatically with the help of trusted tools. Our SEO experts are enough proficient and knowledgeable in using specified tools for examine the website correctly. They have ability to solve the site audit issues in just a couple of seconds. It is essential to get ranked in Google. Main thing during site examination is find content gap between you and competitor and make changes on content if required.



Our SEO team works for website traffic creation and target user engagement. Doing this will be enough for us to be the first priority among the business clients and become famous. Hence, you will surely be happy when choose our Outsourcing SEO services for your targeting websites. At the end of each month, we send an SEO report based on your site performance and business growth. Because it is our duty to let you know about our dedicated SEO outsourcing services and how much the services are effective for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why We Need To Go For SEO Services?

Living in the internet world where more than 80% users search for the product or services online. That’s why; having a web presence has become indispensable in the current era. To stand out the business with stability, it is needed to do SEO. In case you optimize your websites regularly and hence your business gets first page ranking, it means your future customers bestow more trust and are likely to buy from you. At PNJ Sharptech, our motto is to guide you getting top spots on search engines for your targeted keywords.

Why Doing SEO If I Sell Offline?

As we already have discussed that build trust with your audience before they become customers. Even if you have an offline presence, it’s necessary to have a running website with all your features listed; if you want attention and attract more people. That’s where SEO comes into play. With our Outsource SEO Services, we assist you connect the road to more leads and recurring sales.

What Services Are Being Proffered in SEO Package?

The SEO services offered to you will completely depend on the current status of the website, the keywords you are trying to target for ranking high. We will create a customized package depending on your requirements and the level of SEO required propelling your website to the top of search engine rankings. We are not money minding SEO business, so you can expect complete transparency from our side.

What Are The SEO Process You Follow?

We will better take care of the entire SEO process from keyword research to off-page and on-page optimization to sending out the reports of work in the end of the month. Only you are suggested to do is to focus on sales, rest we handle the whole task efficiently.

Can I Get Help With Local SEO?

Of course! Why not! As the Local SEO is our strong point to deliver business owners. However, we have helped multiple local businesses to acquire top positions on local search engines. We encourage you to discuss your local SEO needs in detail with us as we are more than happy to help you.

In How Many Days My Website Will Be Ranked?

It would be difficult to commit about the numbers of days or months for getting the website ranked in Google. It will be fully depend on the site where it stands at the moment and the product you are launching. However, certain industries and keywords take more time to rank than others. But, with much effort, it will take hardly 1 to 2 months to make your site visible on the first page of Google.

Can I Avail Link Building Service Alone?

Yes, you can freely avail link building services alone as we provide top-class link building Outsourcing service.

Can I Contact Directly With You?

Why not! You can contact directly to us via phone call or through Skype. We are round the clock ready to answer your call so that in the least possible time you get success.

Are You Doing SEO In Other Countries?

Yes, Search Engine Optimization gives an option for people to promote their brand in other countries as well. Therefore, it is highly recommended you all to walk around various options in order to take maximum benefit of Technology on regular basis.

What Are The Search Engine You Optimized For?

We generally optimized for Google and Bing.