PNJ Sharptech is the best and successful Hadoop consulting and development company, which is providing the best and finest big data solutions that take your business to the next level. We are the best Hadoop solution provider for all kinds of Hadoop services ranging from consulting and development to incorporation and maintenance. Our Hadoop developers are highly experienced and technologically proficient in Hadoop services to control the most relevant data for easy optimized decision making. Our Hadoop development team has the great skills to deal with all the aspects of Hadoop to offer you with the finest data management solutions.


Hadoop Custom Development

We allow companies to optimize their work loading with long-term storage and making process in Hadoop with custom Hadoop development solutions that provide the best performance. Our professionals are very proficient and knowledgeable In Hadoop platform with many years of real experience and expertise.


Hadoop Integration

Hadoop makes parallel businesses and IT via technical metadata definition and common classification of business. With data analytics, proficiency and capability coupled with many years of experience, our Hadoop specialists mix Hadoop based solutions with your enterprise applications and properties.


Maintenance & Support

For your critical business practices, we provide the finest maintenance solutions with improved and added functionality, and low maintenance. Our maintenance and support team makes sure the security of the business data analytics for your business.


Hadoop Migration

By understanding the varying market trends and standards that can affect business objectives systematically, we assure a smooth and clean conversion of existing framework and platform to dynamic solutions. With high-performance data migration.

Our Domain Expertise

PNJ Sharptech offers Hadoop development services assisting businesses and industries address their challenges related with matching their big data processing requirements. We specialize in designing well-organized and big scale distributed data processing components.

  • Online Collaborating Applications
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Data Transformation
  • Pattern Matching
  • Batch Aggregation
  • Data Warehousing

Our Hadoop Developers Expertise

Our Hadoop developers and experts are highly proficient with depth and complete knowledge and the vast experience of covering each element of Hadoop platform. On the base of many years of experience and expertise of this domain, our Hadoop specialists resolve issues, bugs, and patches on this platform. Our team can solve Hadoop configuration problems as per customer’s level. Our specialty lies in creating the finest Hadoop solutions with higher efficiency in the low costs.

Why We are the Best from Others?

Cost-Effective Development

100% Information Security


Modern Infrastructure


Multiple Delivery Centers