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Global SEO Strategies: Essential To Expand Reach & Increase Revenue

At PNJ Sharptech, we have experimented with numerous techniques during our journey and included a few result-oriented Global SEO Strategies as a part of our master plan. We customize our SEO Plan according to the region and nature of the audience we are targeting.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ

Why do I need to consider International SEO?

If your website is present in multiple languages and you are trying to target different countries with international SEO then you are missing a big opportunity that can be easily converted. Global SEO can give you and your website exactly what it wants. It can help you identify the keywords your potential customers are looking for so you can add them to your website attract more visitors and increase the rate of conversions.

What Are The Benefits of International SEO?

International SEO allows you to reach your visitors from different parts of the world and convey your information clearly in a language easily understandable by them.

To conclude,

  • International SEO brings more traffic to the website
  • Helps in converting visitors into loyal customers via compelling content
  • Increases ranking of the website on different search engines and much more.

How to find Alexa ranking?

To check your Alexa ranking, go to and enter the complete URL of your website in the blank section. Click on Enter and you will see the complete report in the pictorial format and the tabular format below.

How to do SEO for multiple countries?

Global SEO is the technique that optimizes your website in such a way that it gets visibility in different target countries of the world. The strategies involved make the website friendly, useful, and relatable to the visitors sitting in different parts of the world.

The strategies include modifications in the website URL, multilingual web pages, Keyword analysis to find keywords popular in various targeted countries, analysis of audience behaviour, etc.

How do I get international traffic on my website?

Global SEO is the key if you want to get your business recognized internationally. It gives you the opportunity to get visibility in various other parts of the world by making certain modifications to the website, page structure, and content, and make it more appealing to visitors from different countries or locations.

The strategy to drive more international traffic on the website includes-

  • Domain Name Extension
  • Google Search console Geo-Targeting
  • Web Hosting Server Location
  • Presence of Multilingual webpages
  • Use Google Trends.